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Current Issue Featuring Beverly K. Johnson

Discover the empowering journey of wellness with Beverly K. Johnson, as she shares insights into her wellness mastery mindset and the transformative impact it has on women 30 and over. Uncover her unique approach to cultivating healthy habits and fostering a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment.

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Last Issue Featuring Mariah Hester

“The Southern Songbird”  featuring the sensational Mariah Hester from Shreveport, LA!  Dive into a world of empowerment with our latest issue, exploring topics like finding your purpose, celebrating 25 trailblazing women, dating tips for single queens, erasing domestic violence stigmas, and so much more! 


Issue Featuring Pivot Practitioner Demi Howell

Our eigth issue features accomplished mother, entrepreneur, wife, pivot coach and speaker, Demi Howell. Articles include "A Letter to My Sisters" by Dr. Nia Imani Bailey in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, in addition to spotlights on Women on the Geaux, our Seaux Soule Plant food feature and more!

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Ready to showcase your business to a new audience? Have you ever dreamed about being featured in a magazine? The Geaux Queen Brand Magazine is the perfect platform to do just that! Whether you're looking for a feature article or an eye-catching ad, we've got you covered. Our readership is growing by the day, and our team of talented writers and designers will help your business shine. With affordable rates, get your brand in front of a growing audience of intelligent readers with our expertly crafted content. From editorial features to eye-catching ads, we'll help you reign supreme in your industry. Contact us today to learn more about our advertising and feature opportunities! 

The Geaux Queen Brand Magazine

Geaux Queen Magazine is a celebration of self-love and empowerment for women of color. Our magazine features a diverse array of women who inspire us with their stories of resilience, courage, and self-acceptance. Through our content, we aim to promote positive body image, mental health awareness, and a strong sense of community among our readers. At Geaux Queen, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin, and we are committed to uplifting and amplifying the voices of women of color. 
Are you a woman of color with a powerful story to share? Do you have expertise in a particular area that you believe could benefit our readers? We want to hear from you! Geaux Queen Magazine is always on the lookout for fresh, authentic, and inspiring content. Whether you've overcome personal struggles, discovered a new passion, or have insights to share on self-care, mental health, relationships, career, or any other topic that affects women of color, we want to amplify your voice. Don't wait any longer; submit your story or article to Geaux Queen Magazine today, and help us continue to uplift and empower women of color everywhere!

The Geaux Queen Brand Magazine is a Proud Sponsor of "What in The Trauma Podcast Hosted by Renowned Advocate, Kecia J.!

Empowering Women of Color, One Page at a Time: Geaux Queen Magazine

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to increase engagement in your place of business? Look no further than partnering with Geaux Queen Magazine!

As a magazine dedicated to promoting and uplifting the voices and stories of women of color, Geaux Queen Magazine offers a fresh and exciting perspective that your clients will love. By placing our print magazines in your business, you'll not only be supporting a valuable community resource, but you'll also be providing a captivating and informative reading experience for your customers.

Partnering with Geaux Queen Magazine is a win-win opportunity for both your business and our publication. Your customers will appreciate the added value you provide by offering them access to our inspiring stories and insightful content, and your business will benefit from increased foot traffic and exposure.

So why wait? Join us in our mission to empower and uplift women of color by partnering with Geaux Queen Magazine today. Contact us to learn more about how you can place our print magazines in your business and be a part of this exciting movement.


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Shronda Armstrong

Creator, Editor-In-Chief

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Maggie Brown

Media Journalist, Fashion Contributor


Jasmine Boskent-Thomas

Staff Writer, Media Editor


 Renowned Author Charron Monaye

Our seventh issue features renowned author, speaker, writer and publisher Charron Monaye. Are you a Geaux Queen? Charron discusses opening the door to success.  Also featured, "YUMMY" highlights to "your ultimate, most meaningful yet" with Crystal & Dr. Nicole. "Choosing HER Over Him" written by Dani Parks & more!

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VH1 Star, Author & Speaker Christina Johnson

Our sixth issue features author, speak and entrepreneur, Christina Johnson. This issue also includes special segments by Nono Osuji on her Lupus experience and kidney transplant and a Q and A interview with former Bravo's "Project Runway" contestant Layana Aguilar and more!


 International Gospel Star Anisa Fowler

Our fifth issue features International Gospel Singer, Anisa Fowler. This is our special issue also includes segments on battling hair loss, online dating, Women of Color and fibroids, how to be a trendsetter and more!

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"The Color Purple" Actress Margaret "Shug" Avery

Our fourth issue features Academy Award Nominated Actress and Legend, Margaret Avery! This is our special issue also includes a piece on Self-Love & mental health for the new year by Dani Parks, a Self-Love contribution by Renita Betts,  and more!

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Recording Artist Brandi Little

Our third issue features singer, songwriter and actress, Brandi Little. Brandi has a beautiful and sincere perspective on the subject of hope. This is our special HEALING issue! This special issue also includes a beautiful fiction article "Can I Get a Window Seat?" in addition to the editor's autobiographical contribution, "The Pieces of My Heart" and the Self-Love Guide to Healthy Romantic Relationships.

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"Cancer Could Neva!" Author and Activist Kecia J.

Our second issue features cancer survivor and HIV/AIDS advocate, Kecia J.! Motivational speaker, and Author of "Cancer Could Neva!", Kecia shares her inspirational mission and how she uses her life to save the lives of others. This edition also features, "The Magic and The Mundane: Being A Black Woman in The Workplace", "Yoga For Every Woman" and the BDE (Big Diva Energy) features and more!


BET "American Gangster" Series Star Ayana Bean

Our Premiere issue features BET Series "American Gangster: Trap Queens" Star, Ayana Bean. Ayana shares her story of redemption, forgiveness and courage. This edition also features "The Yes Woman" article, Essential Natural Hair Care Tips feature, Food for The Soul Recipes, What to Wear, the Ultimate Empowerment song playlist and more!

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