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Geaux Networking Royalty: Uniting Queens at the Baton Rouge Business Besties Brunch

Business Besties Brunch Highlights

Geaux Queen celebrates where empowerment meets community, where business brilliance intertwines with friendship, and where growth becomes not just a goal but a shared journey! Welcome to the world of DaKenya Douglas, the visionary force behind the Baton Rouge, LA based, Business Besties Brunch. With a passion for fostering connections and driving success, DaKenya curates an experience like no other, where branding, social media, and community building converge in a power-packed event. Join us as we delve into DaKenya's inspirations, motivations, and her bold vision for the future, where every bestie becomes a business powerhouse. It's time to elevate, inspire, and thrive together.

What inspired you to create the Business Bestie Brunch, and how did the idea come about? 

The inception of Business Bestie Brunch sprouted from a simple vision: to create a networking experience that transforms entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Besties' stories echo the power of our events in cultivating reciprocal connections, sparking fruitful collaborations, and fostering enduring relationships that extend far beyond the brunch table. Stay updated on our upcoming events by checking out our page @businessbestiesbrunchbr and join us in experiencing the magic firsthand!

Can you share some insights into the vision and mission behind the Business Bestie Brunch? What impact do you hope to make with this event? 

At Business Bestie Brunch, our vision is to cultivate a vibrant community where individuals flourish both personally and professionally. Besties frequently share how our dynamic networking activities instill confidence and our expert panelists deliver actionable insights and valuable resources. Attendees leave feeling empowered, with new contacts, collaborative opportunities, and potential clients in tow.

DaKenya Douglas, Founder of Business Bestie Brunch (Photo Credit: Jordanne Geurin Photography, Captured By Catrice
What motivated you to focus on branding, social media, and community building for the Business Bestie Brunch? Why do you believe these topics are important for entrepreneurs and professionals? 

Branding, social media, and community-building are at the core of what we do at Business Bestie Brunch. Besties' anecdotes vividly illustrate how our inclusive events provide fertile ground for meaningful connections and growth opportunities. Attendees harness these themes to elevate their ventures, armed with fresh ideas and strengthened networks after each gathering.

How do you select powerhouse speakers and experts for the Business Bestie Brunch? What criteria do you consider when curating the speaker slate? 

Selecting speakers and experts for Business Bestie Brunch is a meticulous process. We seek individuals who not only bring expertise but also resonate with our community ethos. Besties' tales underscore the impact of our panelists, who furnish attendees with practical tips and resources that resonate, propelling them towards new heights of achievement.

Can you tell us about some memorable moments or success stories from past editions of the Business Bestie Brunch? 

Past editions of Business Bestie Brunch have left an indelible mark on attendees. Besties' accounts frequently recount how our engaging activities catalyzed collaborations and enriched their networks, often leading to new connections and business opportunities. These stories underscore the transformative power of our events and the supportive ecosystem we've cultivated. Stay connected with us to stay informed about our upcoming events!

As the creator of the Business Bestie Brunch, how do you stay motivated and inspired to continually innovate and improve the event experience for attendees? 

As the creative force behind Business Bestie Brunch, I'm driven by a passion to innovate and inspire. Besties' reflections underscore the importance of our events in nurturing professional and personal growth. We constantly evolve our offerings based on attendee feedback, ensuring each event surpasses expectations and leaves a lasting impact. 

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals looking to build their personal brand and network effectively? 

For budding entrepreneurs and professionals, effective personal branding and networking are essential stepping stones to success. Besties' testimonials underscore how our events provide immersive networking experiences and enlightening panel discussions. Attendees depart armed with actionable insights and newfound connections, poised for success in their endeavors. 

In your opinion, what role does networking and community support play in the success of businesses and careers? 

Networking and community support are linchpins for thriving businesses and careers. Besties' stories illuminate how our events foster a sense of belonging and empowerment, where attendees flourish. The spirit of reciprocity often leads to collaborations, highlighting the pivotal role of community in collective achievement. 

How do you see the future of the Business Bestie Brunch evolving? Are there any exciting developments or plans on the horizon? 

The future of Business Bestie Brunch is bright. We're thrilled to expand our community initiatives, delving deeper into professional and entrepreneurial development. Besties' narratives underscore the transformative impact of our events in nurturing growth and fostering collaboration. We're committed to sustaining this momentum in the years to come.

Lastly, what message would you like to share with the readers of Geaux Queen Magazine about the importance of community, collaboration, and empowerment in the business world?

Lastly, I’d like to share a heartfelt message with the readers of Geaux Queen Magazine about the vital importance of community, collaboration, and empowerment in the business world, especially within the Business Besties Brunch community. At Business Besties Brunch, we embody these values wholeheartedly, recognizing that our collective strength lies in unity and support.

By fostering a community where collaboration thrives, we empower each other to reach new heights of success. Together, as Business Besties, we can overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and create lasting impact.

Join us in championing the spirit of collaboration, because when we lift each other up, we all rise together. Let’s build a business world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, supported by a community of Business Besties that believes in their potential. --(c) 2024

To stay updated on DaKenya Douglas and to learn more about the Business Besties Brunch, follow her on social media: [@dakenya_douglas_consulting] [@businessbestiesbrunchbr]. For exclusive content and announcements, visit DaKenya's official website: []
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