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Women are the Ultimate Privilege, the Special Prize and the Full Package! The Geaux Queen Brand is proud to announce the launch of our digital/print  brand magazine! The self-love magazine for Women of Color, we promote embracing your power to manifest, elevate and align with your highest self with an informative, inspirational and intelligent platform designed to foster excellence. 

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“Love who you are. Love what you have to offer to the world. Love your scars, and flaws as much as your perfections and gifts. You’re one of a kind and you serve a purpose. Everything about you from your highs to your lows matter. Take that power and you can run the world…” Shronda Armstrong--Founder of The Geaux Queen Brand and Host of The Q-Chat Podcast.


Geaux Queen is on a mission to empower Women of Color to make their vision become a reality. Geaux Queen reminds women that they have the power to achieve their goals.  Are you ready to create that podcast, start that business, write that book, or leave that 9 to 5? Do you have a business and you'd like to expand with branding services with custom brand books, magazines, merchandise and more?  Are you currently working a job you dislike, but you're unclear on how to transition to self-sufficient entrepreneurship?

Schedule a consultation today! Learn more about our transitional coaching services and our branding solutions.

Our client roster currently includes The Corporate Rebel Podcast (www.thecorporaterebelpodcast.com), The Sassy Classy Sophisticated Podcast and the upcoming Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman Magazine.

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Geaux Love Ya'Self!

As a momtrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and podcast host, Shronda Armstrong has taken her self-love platform to a wide audience. In 2019, she founded The Geaux Queen brand. What started out as an empowerment tee business, transformed into a full movement. The Q-Chat Podcast evolved as an extension of the brand to offer an additional platform that encourages, motivates and inspires women all over the world. The virtual self-love talk show with a purpose for women of color, works hard to highlight entrepreneurship, erase mental health stigmas, and interview notable entertainers that feed the soul. Shronda reaches a wide range of audiences as a public motivational speaker, as a panel facilitator, a red-carpet host, interviewer and self-help author. Her famous slogan is: "Geaux Love Ya'Self!"


What is YOUR Story?








What is YOUR story? We all have a story to tell. Some of those stories are sad and heartbreaking, while some are beautiful and entertaining. Nevertheless, each one of those stories have the power to build, empower and inspire.

So I will ask you again?

What is YOUR story?

Use your story to build your brand today! Find your purpose and let GEAUX QUEEN Purpose Building help you build your brand today!

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