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Empowering Women through Authentic Storytelling

At Geaux Queen Media, we believe in the power of women and their stories. Our media company is a platform for women who may not always have a voice in mainstream media. As a woman-owned company, we understand the importance of highlighting diverse perspectives and experiences. Geaux Queen Media is dedicated to providing a space for women to share their stories, connect with others, and be seen and heard.

Our Brand Podcast, The Q-Chat is a virtual talk show that serves as the conversation amongst Queens. Hosted by Shronda Armstrong, we highlight much needed topics such as mental health, entrepreneurship, domestic violence, overcoming trauma, breaking generational curses, positive trailblazers in media and so much more!

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At Geaux Queen Media, we are more than just a media company. Our founder, Shronda Armstrong, is a domestic abuse survivor, also having overcome childhood trauma through her unwavering strength and determination. Her experience has been a catalyst for her to create a platform to motivate and inspire others; she is a self-love advocate and a highly sought after public speaker. Our mission is to not only provide exceptional media services but also to offer valuable resources and support to those who may be going through similar situations.


YWCA "A Chat with Tabitha Brown" September 15, 2023. Memphis, TN




As A Media Professional
& Interviewer

Tammy Reese, Renowned Journalist/Media Professional, Owner of Visionary Minds NYS

"Shronda is a highly in demand media professional that takes care of every publicist and talent that she works with. She’s interviewed tons of my clients who all had positive remarks about her warm welcome, attention to detail, and professionalism.

She cares deeply about each person she interviews and provides top-notch creative content that is highly innovative through her talk show and magazine. I would highly recommend this beloved media pro for any press opportunities that arise." -


As A Media Branding Specialist

Demi Howell, Entrepreneur & Geaux Queen Branding Featured Client

“Being featured in Geaux Queen magazine was an empowering experience, one that allowed me to celebrate self-love and authenticity alongside an incredible community. Under Shronda Armstrong's visionary leadership, the magazine truly embodies empowerment, encouraging women to embrace their true selves without limitations. Sharing my entrepreneurial journey in such a supportive space was a privilege, and I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity. Geaux Queen doesn't just tell stories; it amplifies voices and fosters connection, making a profound impact on all who engage with its pages."


As A Motivational
& Keynote Speaker

Chuck Stribling, Louisiana Association of Private Schools and Colleges

"Shronda has a very inspiring and heartfelt message that she conveys in a sincere manner."

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