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Are You Ready to Create and Publish Your Own Magazine? Join the ranks of emerging print magazines and bring your vision to life! Our experienced self-published media brand provides tailored insights for your magazine venture from concept to distribution. Plus, with flexible payment options like Afterpay, starting your print magazine has never been easier. Don’t delay—unlock your publishing dreams today!

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As a dynamic and inclusive media platform dedicated to celebrating the voices and experiences of women of color, we understand the power of authentic storytelling and compelling visuals in capturing audience attention and driving meaningful engagement. With our range of specialized services, including brand photo shoots, media kits, magazine cover opportunities, and customized print magazines, we empower brands and individuals to showcase their unique stories, connect with their target audience, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, established business, or influential personality, our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering personalized, high-quality solutions that align with your brand vision and objectives.


Let us help you stand out in a crowded media landscape and make an impact that resonates with your audience.

Please contact us: 504-356-3808 or email: to schedule your consultation today!



Brand Photo Shoots

This service offers professional photo shoots tailored to capture the essence and story of a brand or individual. It includes options for on-location shoots, studio sessions, and themed photo concepts.


Media Kits

​Customized media kits designed to showcase a brand or individual's story, achievements, and offerings. This service includes professional photography, compelling copywriting, and graphic design elements to create a polished presentation.​


Customized Print Magazines

Bespoke print magazine creation tailored for brands, events, or special occasions. This service includes full-service solutions, such as content creation, design, printing, and distribution.


Print Distribution Services

Geaux Queen Media offers a print distribution service for businesses and storefronts looking to acquire our print hard copies. This service allows businesses to place our magazines on their counters, waiting areas, or other high-traffic areas to provide valuable content to their clients and customers. With our print distribution service, businesses can enhance their customer experience while supporting representation and diversity in media.


Video/Editing Production

Professional video editing and production services to create engaging and impactful visual content for brands and individuals. This service includes editing raw footage, adding effects, music, and graphics, and delivering high-quality videos tailored to meet client needs. Let us film and produce your next vision. We can offer studio options or set up at your selected/approved location.


Brand Consultations

Personalized consultations to help brands and individuals develop and refine their brand identity, messaging, and marketing strategies. This service includes one-on-one sessions, workshops, or ongoing advisory services.



Specialized headshot sessions for professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers looking to enhance their personal brand. The service includes different packages with varying numbers of shots and retouching options.


Magazine Cover Opportunties

Exclusive opportunities for brands or individuals to be featured on the cover of Geaux Queen Magazine. The service includes photo shoots, editorial coverage, and promotion across digital and social media platforms.


Brand Sponsorship & Ad Placement

Geaux Queen Media provides opportunities for brand sponsorship and advertisement placements within our publication. Whether you're looking to increase brand visibility, target a specific audience, or align your brand with our mission of celebrating women of color, we offer customizable sponsorship packages and ad placements to meet your marketing objectives. Partnering with Geaux Queen Media allows brands to reach a diverse and engaged audience while supporting meaningful storytelling and representation.


Wix Website Building

Website design and development services using Wix, tailored to meet the branding and marketing needs of clients. Offered packages include website setup, customization, content creation, and ongoing maintenance.


Podcast Startup Consultation

Personalized consultation services to assist individuals or businesses in launching their podcast. This service covers various aspects of podcast creation, including conceptualization, equipment recommendations, recording techniques, editing software, hosting platforms, and distribution strategies. Our expert advice and guidance will help you navigate the podcasting landscape and kickstart your journey to success.

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