What Happens When a Woman is Not Satisfied?

How to make her comfortable in bed by Molly Cohen

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Women can feel self-conscious at times, especially when it comes to the bedroom and intimate situations. Women are constantly exposed to body shaming, resulting in low self-esteem and other times, confidence issues. Insecurities can 100% get in the way of you both having an enjoyable sexual experience. So how do you make her feel comfortable when she is feeling insecure?


Being comfortable is essential in the bedroom. If she is not comfortable, she is not going to feel like herself. Having that open line of communication will help you both feel more at ease. It is important to listen to her and never push her past the boundaries she sets. Feeling pressured will make her close off even more. So, make sure to keep talking and asking her what she likes and what makes her feel relaxed.

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The more loved she feels, the more comfortable she will feel with you. Making sure she feels respected is crucial. You can do this by removing distractions and focusing all your attention on her. Turn off the TV and put your phone far away from the bed. She wants to feel special and if you are distracted, she will notice and only feel more insecure. Being naked is vulnerable, especially for a self-conscious woman. So, make her feel loved by giving her the time and space she needs to feel ready and amorous.


Give her compliments. Make her feel as beautiful as you think she is. The more confident she feels, the more open she will be with you. Just tell her the truth; what you love about her and her body. The more you tell her, the more she will start to believe it and feel less apprehensive. It is often her imperfections (or what she thinks they are), that you love the most about her. Making her feel secure in your relationship also helps to boost her self-esteem in and out of the bedroom. Providing that security makes her feel safe, which also makes her feel validated and protected. A safe space with set boundaries is essential for engaging in sexual activities.


If she opens up to you about her self-doubts, share some of your flaws or insecurities with her too. We all have them and by talking about them and sharing them with our partners, we create a more honest space in the bedroom. By opening up more, you can help her embrace her flaws and break free from the insecurities that could be holding her back in the bedroom. Neither of you are perfect, so why pretend to be in front of her? Revealing a flaw or two will make you both feel more assured. By doing so, you two will feel connected, which makes for powerful intimacy.

It can be hard to get your partner to get out of their head and into the right frame of mind. Women have their doubts, and so do men. The important thing is to not let those uncertainties get in the way of feeling comfortable in the bedroom with your partner. Practicing some of these tips can help you make her feel less self-conscious and more confident with herself and with you. Just remember to have openness, communication, honesty, and trust when engaging in sex. Her happiness is just as important as yours, and nothing feels more comfortable than being with a partner who understands and respects that.

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