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“The Essence of Art, The Acceptance of Pain" | Self-Love | Brandi Little | Purpose of Pain

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Have you forgiven yourself?

We talk a lot of about the act of forgiveness. When people or situations hurt us, we’re practically guilted into ignoring our feeling and forgiving those that hurt us.

But have you taken the time to forgive yourself? Sometimes we hold on to a lot of pain over the past or the weight of “letting things go.”

Be free and forgive yourself.

You’re bigger than your past mistakes.

You’re bigger than the choices you made when you didn’t know any better.

Be free.

Be healthy.

Be whole.

Forgive yourself.

“The Essence of Art, The Acceptance of Pain" | Self-Love | Brandi Little | Purpose of Pain

Episode 148

BIO: Brandi Little is a singer, songwriter and actress from Georgia. She is the equation of Soul x Blues. Her passion for healing lead her to writing her own songs. She is an activist for hope, and a reminder that second chances are real. Brandi Little began her passion for music at a young age. From that point on, she was involved in choir, musicals, and song writing. Her music has been her tool to heal. To self-elevate and inspire those all over the world to do the same. She often refers to her fans as "Little Lilies". The spiritual meaning of the flower lilies is connected to new life, the rebirth. No matter how dark life may get, there is always a tomorrow.

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Photo credit: DeJohn Harris @djnstudio

Designer: Ashley Monique



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