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Pride and Progress: Elevating the Black LGBTQ+ Community, New Orleans Black Pride

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Nikki Alexander-Tumblin, the visionary founder of New Orleans Black Pride, is on a mission to amplify the voices within the Black LGBTQ+ community. Through her dedication to creating an inclusive space for celebration, education, and empowerment, Nikki is fostering unity and visibility, making a lasting impact on the community she passionately serves.

New Orleans Black Pride, NOLA Black LGBTQ
Nikki Alexander-Tumblin
Can you tell us about the inspiration behind founding New Orleans Black Pride and what drove you to create a space for the Black LGBTQ+ community?

Creating New Orleans Black Pride stemmed from a desire to foster positive representation and unity within the Black LGBTQ+ community. It was important to me to highlight all facets of our community, not just the commonly showcased aspects. By emphasizing the success of Black LGBTQ+ individuals—who are doctors, lawyers, nurses, business owners, creatives, and leaders—we can challenge stereotypes and celebrate the diversity of our experiences. Our community has been the backbone of many movements, and it's vital to showcase our contributions and successes.

How does New Orleans Black Pride promote diversity, equity, and positive change within the New Orleans Black LGBTQ+ community?

New Orleans Black Pride promotes diversity, equity, and positive change by creating inclusive events that celebrate and uplift every part of our community. We ensure that our programs highlight local and national LGBTQ+ talent, vendors, and community leaders. Our events, such as the community festival and the Black Queer Legacy Summit, are designed to provide platforms for visibility and empowerment, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among participants. In what ways does New Orleans Black Pride foster empowerment, visibility, and unity among its participants? We foster empowerment and visibility by showcasing the talents and achievements of Black LGBTQ+ individuals. Our events provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and celebration. By inviting the entire community to our spaces, we create environments where everyone can celebrate together, learn from each other, and support one another. Our year-round events, whether small or large, are all aimed at building unity and highlighting the importance of mental and sexual health.

With a passionate team and a diverse array of attendees, New Orleans Black Pride stands out as a vibrant hub for exchange and connection. Nikki Alexander-Tumblin's vision has brought together professionals and enthusiasts from various backgrounds, creating a melting pot of ideas and perspectives.

New Orleans Black Pride
New Orleans Black Pride

Can you share some of the key goals and objectives that New Orleans Black Pride aims to achieve?

Our key goals include creating spaces for positive representation, empowering our youth, and telling our own stories. We aim to provide a platform for Black LGBTQ+ individuals to be seen and heard, showcasing their successes and contributions. We also strive to promote mental and sexual health within our community and to foster unity by celebrating our diversity. Our ultimate objective is to create a sense of belonging and support for everyone in our community.

What makes New Orleans Black Pride unique compared to other LGBTQ+ events or organizations?

New Orleans Black Pride is unique in its emphasis on highlighting the full spectrum of the Black LGBTQ+ community. We focus not only on celebration but also on education, empowerment, and health. Our events are designed to be inclusive and representative, featuring local and national talent and leaders. Additionally, we are committed to creating spaces where Black LGBTQ+ stories are told by us, for us, ensuring authenticity and relatability.

What are some memorable moments or highlights from past New Orleans Black Pride events?

Some memorable moments include the powerful performances from local and national LGBTQ+ artists, the heartfelt speeches from community leaders, and the vibrant participation of our attendees. Each year, the energy and enthusiasm of the community create an unforgettable atmosphere. The introduction of the Black Queer Legacy Summit this year marks a significant highlight, as it brought together voices and leaders to discuss and celebrate our legacy and future.

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Looking to the future, what do you envision for the growth and impact of New Orleans Black Pride in the coming years?

Looking ahead, I envision New Orleans Black Pride growing into a larger movement that continues to uplift and empower the Black LGBTQ+ community. We aim to expand our events, reach more people, and create even more opportunities for visibility and empowerment. Our focus will remain on fostering unity, promoting health and well-being, and ensuring that our stories are told. We hope to be a beacon of positive change and support for generations to come. ----Copyright (c) 2024. S. Armstrong. Geaux Queen Media. All rights reserved.

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