Men's Mental Illness: a silent crisis

by Grace Tesoro

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Following the pandemic, now more than ever it is important to keep up with our mental health and practice healthy exercises to improve our minds. With less face-to-face contact in our everyday lives, it is normal to feel anxious, stressed, depressed, or even overwhelmed with life. Although society tells men to keep their feelings inside, it is normal and healthy for men to express themselves, too. Men suffer from poor mental health and mental illnesses just as much as women. Unfortunately, men are less likely to receive support for depression and anxiety because of the societal stigma around it. Feeling low sometimes is normal, whether you’re a man or a woman. It is normal to need help. Luckily, there are tons of apps out there to help us conquer and tackle our mental health and provide us with the support one needs to start feeling better.

Here are some of the best mental health apps:


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Sanvello is an app for those struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression. It currently has over 3.5 million users. It is an app focused on supporting its users all in one place. It features therapy, coaching, self-care tools, and a community that is all going through the same struggles. Sanvello techniques are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and are clinically proven to help those dealing with whatever they may be going through. 60% of their members have seen a 15% improvement in their mental health in less than 30 days. The app is free to download and use but some tools do require a premium version. However, they partner with various insurance providers to provide unlimited access to the app for free if covered by your health plan. Sanvello helps to manage your moods and thoughts and provides you with helpful techniques and activities to understand what works for you. The app features daily mood tracking, coping tools, meditations, and progress assessments. This app is perfect for someone looking for a judgment-free space and community to help them find relief and feel better.


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Talkspace is a therapy and counseling app that matches you with a licensed therapist in your state all from the convenience of your device. Talkspace is used by over 1 million users and includes various ways to connect with your therapist, like text, audio, and video messaging. Talkspace is also covered by insurance and partners with several different health plans and companies to make sure their users are getting the most affordable and accessible therapy possible. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to enter your preferences for therapy. You are then matched with a licensed therapist from your state on the same day. The app also allows you to track your progress by setting goals, gaining insights, and getting guidance. There are exercises to build healthy habits that explore mindfulness and other practice for your well-being. Whatever you are seeking help for, Talkspace can find a therapist who has experience in your area.

Sleep Cycle

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Sleep Cycle is a sleep tracker app that features sounds, stories, and a smart alarm to provide you with a better night’s sleep, resulting in better health overall. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns and detects snoring, sleep talking, coughing, and other sounds to help you wake up rested and feeling better. Their in-app alarm clock allows you to wake up energized because it gently wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. This is the most natural way to wake up and Sleep Cycle does it for you. With this app, you can understand your sleeping patterns and track them. Sleep is vital to our mental health and not getting enough sleep can have a tremendous impact. The best part is you don’t have to put anything under your pillow or wear anything on your body to monitor your sleep. To identify sleep states, Sleep Cycle uses sound analysis and tracks your movements through your microphone. The app is completely free but does offer a premium version where you can have access to more features. This app is beneficial to anyone looking to improve their sleeping habits and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.


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Headspace is an app for meditation, mindfulness, sleep health, and fitness. The app allows you to learn meditation and mindfulness skills and tools from experts. Headspace helps you learn how to focus, breathe, stay calm, and create balance. This app is great for those looking for stress relief or who are having trouble getting a night of restful sleep. Meditation is known to reduce anxiety and have a direct positive impact on your mental health. The app is free to download and use. You can choose from hundreds of guided meditations. Their meditations cover everything from stress management to anxiety, sleep, personal growth, and mind-body health. You can meditate anywhere, anytime. You can upgrade from the free version to the Headspace Plus subscription to gain access to more meditation courses, exercises, and sleep tools. By sitting down for even a short five minutes a day, you can start to notice a change by learning how to control your breathing and engage your focus.


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MoodMission is an app to help you deal with depression and anxiety. When you are feeling low or anxious, you tell MoodMission how you’re feeling, and it helps you by giving you a personalized list of missions. These missions are mental health strategies that are made to help you feel better and improve your well-being. They are quick, easy, and evidence-based. Completing these missions earns you rewards in the app, encouraging you to take additional steps towards becoming happier and healthier. The missions range from all different activities, like mindfulness meditations, relaxation, exercise and fitness activities, affirmations, behavioral activation, yoga, and gratitude. All are proven to boost your mood and help you cope with the anxiety or depression you are feeling. MoodMission is also completely personalized and learns which types of missions work best for you over time. The app becomes tailored and unique to you.

No matter how you are feeling, it is never too late to get help. These apps offer easy, quick, and on-the-go options for improving your mood and mental health. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or any low mood, using one of these apps could help and get you on track to feeling better and more like yourself! Don’t be afraid because of what society says, mental health is universal and not gender-specific. A healthy life starts with a healthy mind, no matter who you are.

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