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Let's Geaux

Written January 2021.

Wow! We have crossed the finish line. The year that we have all referenced simply as "2020" is now a thing of the past. When we all celebrated and looked forward to the start of 2020 a little over a year ago, none of us had any indication as to what we would expect over the duration of 12 months. Loss and grief appeared to be a common thread for plenty of us.

By contrast, some of us experienced significant gains throughout the past few months. These gains came in the form of personal growth, removing toxic elements, growing in our resilience and strengthening relationships. For some, our gains were achieved by finding and utilizing unique talents and ideas to build businesses and maintain our livelihood in the midst of chaos.

Now that we have all made it to 2021, I am sure there is a question lingering for most of us:

"What's next?"

Of course such a broad question poses an unlimited amount of answers. High hopes and great expectations are normally at the top of the list as we all approach a new year. Recently, I experienced a number of significant highs and significantly indefinite milestones---it is my preference not to use the term "lows." Some of my significant highs came in seeing the growth of my brand and some of the great connections I made with some amazing people last year in spite of the whirlwind of distancing ourselves socially. In addition, the significant milestones I experienced occurred with the ending of relationships with individuals whose spirits did not align with my energy and individuals who simply weren't conducive in contributing to the level I am trying to reach in my life.

So if we all took a moment to reflect on what is waiting for us on the other

side and exactly what is truly next for us, all paths will naturally lead to the same answer: It is all about what direction we choose to geaux in and how we resolve to achieve it.

My mantra for this year is "Elevation and not stagnation!" It is time to geaux higher, both boldly and unapologetically. Last year taught us all that we are strong and we are survivors. So I challenge you to put on your crown on, focus on all of your dreams including the path to greater and let's geaux!

The time is now for women to rise to new levels. Women have made amazing strides as the leaders amongst entrepreneurs and innovators. In the world of politics, we have seen Black women change the world! From Stacey Abrams with her majestic work in turning Georgia blue to the HERstory in the making Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris, being the first woman of color to hold the second highest seat in the White House, the time is now for women of color.

There is nothing we as women cannot do. Let geaux stronger, harder and bolder and geaux get it!

If you're ready to start your own business: The time is now!

If you're ready to land your dream job: The time is now!

If you're ready to start your fitness journey: The time is now!

If you're ready to begin your journey to emotional health: The time is now!

Your reflection in the mirror shows you the one and only person that can hold you back from achieving greater and that is you. You are special. You are a warrior. You are phenomenal. You are the special privilege, the ultimate prize and the full package. There is nothing you can't do and I dare to dream big. The time is now and you can manifest everything your heart desires!

Let's Geaux!

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