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Geaux Win!

Written July 2020

A few weeks ago, I appeared on an IG Live and discussed the idea of winning as a team. I stated how amazing it would be if we all adapted the notion of how when one person wins, we all win and vice versa. I have said repeatedly that if she wins, I win and if I win, she wins! That being said, how close are you to the winner's circle? Whether that prize is a career goal, a self-care goal or a goal of reaching a long awaited dream, etc, it is important to know your circle. The circle of people and elements you surround yourself with will be either your winning or your losing team. Do you want to go higher in life? Are you surrounded by people and elements that will lift you higher or anchors whose sole purpose is to weigh you down completely?

In order to win, you must know your circle. Your associations speak volumes to your character, and your vision, as well as your growth. Surrounding yourself with the right elements simply places you on a different level. Your conversations are truly different when you allow the right type of energy into your life. Small minds will only discuss fruitless topics that will not only serve no purpose, but will also take up time that can be directed towards valuable productivity. If you have special dreams brewing, you can't possibly share your energy with just anyone. When you allow just anyone into your circle, you invite dream killers into your life. A dream killer will not only point out every thing that can go wrong with your vision, but they will also put out a negative energy that can hinder and stunt your growth.

In addition, your circle should be a direct reflection of your brand. If your intention is to represent genuine class and a higher fine quality, a clownish circle can truly be your downfall. It is true that not everyone can go with you. There are some levels that require certain elements that not everyone possesses. Are you the smartest person in your circle? If your immediate answer is yes, then you seriously need a new circle. If you are indeed the smartest person in your group of friends, I would bet serious money that you likely have enablers in your life as opposed to those who encourage. An enabler upholds foolishness and will hype you up to make the poorest decisions. An enabler in your circle will celebrate anything that incites childish and destructive behavior because they have nothing to lose if your dream fails.

Be intentional about who you allow into your life. Geaux Love Ya'Self and remove hangers on and individuals with no ambition who only want to sap your energy for their own gain. If you want to grow and go higher, seek mentorship and connections with people that you can learn from. Share your energy and your gifts with individuals who have drive and ambition. Keep a circle of energy with people that represent the same vision you have. If you are seeking growth in a particular area, you should have friends in your circle that can hold you accountable.

In conclusion, remember that you are one of a kind and your vision and goals deserves the proper platform and audience. In order to truly grow, it is imperative that you seek out intelligent leaders that you can learn from and absorb knowledge in order to reach the next level. Simply put, your circle can either make you or break you. If you really want to grow, everyone can't go! Treat your vision and purpose the same way as a caring mother treats her newborn baby: Be mindful of who is surrounded near your most prized possession. You are destined for greater! Gravitate towards winners in order to go higher!

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