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Geaux Respect Ya'Self!

My biggest platform has always been to Geaux Love Ya'Self. Self love and self respect is a huge mantra for me. My journey to arriving to this revelation was not an easy one. In my podcast, I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to my struggles. I have experienced a lot pain and sadness in my life. I still battle with the remnants of a broken family dynamic, childhood trauma and other ashes that still linger from a toxic past. To the wrong eye, this may appear as a huge weight, but those with a positive mindset understand that there is a purpose to pain. Queens with a positive mindset understand there is always beauty for ashes, and mourning surely turns into dancing. This year has been a huge period of self reflection and refocus. I have let people go and most importantly people have also revealed themselves for who they truly are. We see it daily, especially during this time of protest. People are letting their slips show and hatred has been revealed. We are seeing the realizations of those don't truly love us, will not value us and refuse to respect us. It is so clear as we are seeing so many changes in the world as we know it.

Yesterday I saw a post from Kimberly Jones-Pothier that stated: Turn your pain into POWER. I always say that I use the bricks thrown at me to build a mansion. I have been THROUGH IT! I overcame an abusive relationship, trauma and depression. I have been disrespected, undervalued and heartbroken in the past. Under those circumstances, it is easy to fall into a trap of self-deprecation or hopelessness. I learned to flip the narrative! By doing that. I turned my pain into power!

Another level of self-love is self-respect! Respect who you are, respect your worth and understand your value. Always share your energy with people and places where you are celebrated and revered, not just tolerated. Take this mantra and apply it towards your relationships with friends, family and romantic partners. Never allow anyone to become comfortable disrespecting you. Each and every single time you allow sometime to devalue you, you are giving them the power to deplete your unique energy. Your joy should not be accessible to anyone that will abuse it with negativity or toxic energy.

This time has allowed us to reflect more on what and who is important to us. Are you currently carrying the pain of constant mistreatment or taking those pain points and turning it into power? If you had to review your life on a pain scale from 1-10: 1 being hurt, torn down and 10 being free, joy filled, what number would you use to rate it? If that number is not at 10 or close to it, it is time for a soul-check. Queen, are you allowing people to step in and tilt your crown? If so, how long will this continue to take place? Flip the script and turn your pain into power and use that power to fuel your purpose!

Geaux Love Ya'self and never accept anything that will disrespect your character, drain your energy or reduce your spirit. Have enough respect for yourself that you have no hesitation in setting up healthy boundaries. Have enough respect for yourself that you remove anyone who constantly robs you of your joy. Queen, hear me when I tell you that you are worth it! Remember, you're the special privilege, you're the ultimate prize and the full package! If they don't see you for who you are and give you the amount of respect you truly deserve, it's time to make a change. If there is any element in your life that doesn't serve you and devalues your very being, you must remove it.

Be a Queen that demands respect and never accept anything less...and Geaux Love Ya'Self!

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