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Geaux Queen: Freedom and Ancestry

A few months ago we recognized Juneteenth, a day that marked the end of slavery. It also marked the first year in which this holiday was as an official nationwide federal celebration. For many African Americans, June 19 was already a day in which it was revered, acknowledged and celebrated around the world. With the the signing of the Juneteenth bill in Washington, there has been a mixture of feelings regarding it's significance.

Last year, a veil was lifted with the prominent murders of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery in addition to so many others, which ignited a larger conversation regarding the Black Lives Matters movement across the world. Racism is nothing new to our culture and we live with the virus of racism on a daily basis. The questions that a lot of us have posed since the passing of the Juneteenth bill is: How can we acknowledge a holiday based upon history that is not being taught in schools? Where are the reforms regarding voting rights?

Nevertheless, right now we are living in a time where we are feeling the weight of the past. We all want to move forward so that the future generations can experience better. The sadness and frustration that a lot of us are experiencing is due to the weight of seeing history repeat itself. The definition of freedom is extremely hollow.

So how can we truly celebrate freedom when we are essentially still confined? I named this brand Geaux Queen as a homage to the lineage of black women. We are descendants from ROYALTY. The title QUEEN has always meant a lot to me because I have always understood the significance, the importance and the reverence that title holds.

In one of the latest episodes of The Q-Chat Podcast, we discussed a lighthearted topic regarding how we as Black women present ourselves in public. The conversation also dived into the judgements as well as the assimilation pressures we deal with as minority women as a whole. In spite of "progress" we are still battling socio-economic issues, classism and many more disparities.

So again, how can we celebrate freedom not just on Juneteenth but each and every day. As Queens we can definitely use our crowns to represent and exemplify the royalty of our ancestors in a manner beyond our appearance. We can be heroes and examples by:

  • Making a difference in our community

  • Being unapologetic as we use our voice

  • Finding our purpose

  • Using our mission to be an example for the younger generations

  • Being mentors

  • Breaking stereotypes

In everything we do, we can celebrate freedom in our own way on a daily basis. Women of color possess beauty, power, wisdom, knowledge and countless other attributes. As Queens, let's be examples of pride in order to make our ancestors proud. We have the power to make a difference as we make strides to become the living embodiment of the dreams that lived in the minds of our predecessors.

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