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Geaux Love Ya'Self! The Evolution of Self Love

Monday, April 6, 2020

The most intimate motto that I have adapted for myself, as well as my business brand is the mantra of self-love. "Geaux Love Ya Self" is one of great importance for me. The love, the energy and the time we put into ourselves fuels what we're able to emit into the world. That same bulb of energy pours out into how we live our lives, interact with others and most importantly how we love ourselves. 

With my Queen’s Arrogance Collection, the energy that revolves around my brand is very special to me. I sincerely believe in my heart that we all are the ultimate privilege, prize and package. Once again, self- love is one of the most vital tools we must cherish. Having a true sense of self, coupled by a healthy amount of self-esteem is enough to make a person truly own the right level of confidence and strength to conquer the entire world! 

The newest extension of Queen's Arrogance that I am most proud of is, The Q-Chat Podcast! Launched in August of 2019, the Q-Chat Podcast holds a dear place in my heart. We have taken self-love and used it as a platform for our listening audience. It has been a slow climb, but I am absolutely happy with the progression. In December of 2019, we had four episodes recorded. As of April 5, 2020, we have a total of 23 published episodes. With topics that have ranged from following your dreams, to domestic violence, to coping with anxiety, to learning to let geaux of toxic strongholds, The Q-Chat Podcast has worked hard to be transparent, educational and informative while promoting self-love in each and every episode.  With the expansion of the Queensla Collection and the progression of The Q-Chat Podcast, the Geaux Queen brand is growing the manifestation of self-love, giving a voice to the culture and wearing empowerment with pride! Our Geaux Queen brand is not about hypocrisy, self-glorification or promoting falsehoods. This brand is an honest and sincere testimony of my journey of rising above a toxic family upbringing, the pain of abuse and overcoming past hurt to fully embracing self-love, confidence and self-worth. The Geaux Queen brand is focused on solid connections more than followers. What I mean by that is, I love to connect with magnetic energies in order to spread the power of self-love. We are the masters of the love we choose to accept or reject in order to make our lives richer and better. Always choose to GEAUX LOVE YA'SELF, first and far most because ultimately Queens, you are the full privilege, the ultimate prize and the precious package! Thank you all for joining this blogging journey with me. I will be writing follow-up entries to all future episodes of The Q-Chat Podcast and also just blogging about everyday life.

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