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Geaux Happy!----My Birthday Reflection

Written April 12, 2020

Happy Birthday to me...April 12, 2020 marked my 43rd year in this thing called life. Needless to say, this was a strange and melancholy birthday to say the least. As I stated in my previous blog, this Covid-19 pandemic has hit close to home. I struggled to find joy in my birthday under such solemn circumstances.

After much reflection, I thought about the significance of the day as a whole. I was gifted a new year of life and on Resurrection Sunday of all days. What other perfect day is there to couple a new year of life with miracles and hope? While I initially began my day with an overwhelming sense of sadness, I had to catch myself and realize that today was a day to celebrate life and joy!

Over the past year, I learned to Let Geaux of a lot of toxic elements. I Let Geaux of a career that made me unhappy for five years. I Let Geaux of a few toxic acquaintances that were beneath the level I have been striving to reach. I Let Geaux of an inconsistent "relationship" that had unclear definitions and served me no real purpose. It dawned on me that having my birthday fall on Resurrection Sunday was a reason to rejoice. It was a reason to be happy and a reason to reflect even more of the newness that I was gifted by seeing another year!

My 42nd year of life surely ended on a somber note. My family has been afflicted by this pandemic. A lot of plans and endeavors I had set for my one year business anniversary relaunch in March was completely upended. Lastly, the level of sadness that hovered over the entire world has been an indescribably hard experience. But God...

I am looking forward to this new journey. This has to be a year of renewal, a new life and awakening. There has to be a promise, a silver lining, a light waiting after the smoke clears and the dust settles.


I am determined to continue my journey to start over. I am determined to push forward to continue my path towards greater.

A new year.

A new beginning.

Another chance.

As I reflect over my past year and press to look ahead to this new gift of life, I can't help but go back to my platform: Geaux Love Ya'Self. At a time where we are now witnessing so many people lose their lives everyday and to see constant reminders of how fragile life is, I have to remember to be thankful. I have to remember that it is important to value my life, love myself and to follow my heart.

So as I reflect on my birthday, my message to everyone is to hold your head up high and find a reason to have joy every day. I know it isn't easy. I know our hearts are breaking and we are all dealing with anxiety and insurmountable stress, but we will rise above. I want us all to hold on and press towards the other side. I want everyone to know that their life is worth something. You matter. You're life is invaluable. We all serve a purpose and you have a place in this world. This new year of life on Resurrection Sunday reminds me that the vision for 2020 still remains. Even though it may be delayed and seem slightly cloudy, the purpose and the drive for greater in my life is clear. 

Moreover, I still can't quite process yet that I am 43 years old. My birthday seemed surreal at best, but the fact of the matter is time didn't stop. I will search for the happy in each and every day---even at a time like this. I am grateful for this new year of resurrection and transformation. I will value life and respect the delicate fragility that it holds. 

I embraced the challenge to Geaux Love Ya'Self at age 42 and I will fully manifest that mantra in my 43rd year moving forward. My birthday wish is for us all is to acquire and maintain good health, a peace of mind and unconditional love.

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