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Geaux Happy!

These past few months have been surreal, to say the least. Quarantining and trying to stay safe has become the new norm. With times being so questionable, it is easy to fall into pits of anxiety and uncertainty. A lot of our common routines and habits have been upended as we are forced to isolate ourselves and be socially distant from everyone. Although this is an uncertain time, it is important to embrace love and keep your spirits up.

How can you incorporate some of your previous practices into this new pandemic era of life?

Let the energy of happiness be mandatory and not optional. Make an effort everyday to make a connection with someone. If you were used to hanging out with your friends or family, try setting up some virtual online meetings. Another option to stay connected with your loved ones is utilizing FaceTime or setting up group chats. This time has shown us that we all can be very creative when necessary. If you have a special milestone approaching--like a birthday, for example, you can still have that party! While the new virtual world may seem uncommon, in actuality it is really exciting, innovative, and convenient! Most importantly, virtual options are the safest way to have fun, celebrate and engage!

It's funny how a generation that grew up on "The Jetsons" is now faced with seeing some of the quirky things we watched as children to be entertained, come true! I recently began experimenting with hosting lives on Instagram in order to connect with my followers. The funny thing is, prior to Covid, I had NO DESIRE to ever go live. As much as I love to talk, I wasn't too keen on being seen on video, lol. Eventually, I adapted the idea of going live after watching D-Nice. One Saturday night, March 21, 2020, to be exact, D-Nice had one of the best Instagram live parties I have ever "attended".

That IG Live showed me something amazing! Love, happiness, fun, and positive energy can be spread across the world no matter where you are! Another thing that made that experience so special for me is that I was dealing with a lot of sadness with seeing so many people affected by the virus. The pandemic had hit home for my family and friends and it was hard to find any joy or a reason to even smile at that point. The beauty of that live was seeing how so many people were able to forget about the state of the world and just be free. The joy I experienced that night was immeasurable.

There are so many possibilities with lives! Not only is it a way to simply have fun, but it is another useful and safe way to be informative by sharing all the happenings in the world. The greatest thing about lives is seeing how accessible everyone is now. Covid may have separated a lot of us physically but through the new virtual age, we can all link up near and far, worldwide.

What other virtual methods have you been able to utilize in order to stay connected?

Another virtual activity that I found a lot of pleasure in has been joining online groups. Online groups are a great way to share content and thoughts with people who share the same interests. I joined a number of online groups with fellow crafters, fans of some of my favorite TV shows, foodie groups, podcaster groups and even some natural hair groups. These groups have been a huge source of laughter for me. It's always a good feeling to converse with individuals who share mutual interests. By chatting it up online regarding last night's latest episode of your favorite show, or discussing a great new recipe you recently tried out, you can meet a wide range of virtual friends who enjoy the same things you do!

In addition to the increase in virtual activities, there are other tools to stay entertained while you are quarantining and social distancing alone. One of the best things available for us to lift our spirits is right outside: Sunshine. Did you know just taking in some sunlight can lift your spirits and raise your energy levels? Sun exposure releases serotonin and stabilizes your mood. Never underestimate what spending some time outside can do for you.

As long as you are being safe, spending time outside by taking a walk around your neighborhood and simply sitting on your porch can be such a peaceful way of relaxation. Your backyard can be just as special as that vacation you may have placed on hold. While the isolation may feel heavy at times, solitude can also work in our favor. Finding peace settles our spirit and it allows us to enjoy our own company. Learning to Geaux Love Ya'Self also requires spending time with yourself. Use this time to value your inner spirit and enjoy being with the energy that resides in your body, mind and soul.

And lastly, when all else fails and you are still needing to fill a void, you can easily pick up the phone and simply place a phone call to a loved one as opposed to the usual text. There is always a plus in reaching out to those we care about over the phone. Just hearing the voice of that special someone can polish your heart in a very unique way. A phone also works perfectly if you're quite frankly not impressed by the bells and whistles of the online and tech world. It's ok to utilize a simpler form of connection with others.

While our current way of life means we must distance ourselves, make sure not to disconnect your happiness. This pandemic has placed a lot of us in unimaginable positions. The good news is that creativity and innovation is right at our fingertips. We can all find ways to overcome these obstacles and save ourselves from loneliness by staying safe. Make sure to Geaux Love Ya'Self and connect with those who make you happy. This is the time where we need happiness, love and joy the most.

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