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Geaux Glow! Finding Light in a Dark Time!

Written Saturday, April 25, 2020

How can you find a light in a dark time? Ms. Candy Mathieu of "Networking with Queens" and I had a great discussion regarding finding your "glow" and being a light in spite of our circumstances. Even though times may appear to be the darkest they have ever been, it is possible to still find a light and glow brightly. We all have internal struggles that we face. The biggest part of any battle is learning how to win and rise above our obstacles. One key thing to remember in order to find the light in spite of a dark time is that your feelings and actions are validated. Whatever way you chose to handle and manage your feelings is ok. Now mind you if you are harming yourself or others and making destructive decisions, that is never ok. What I am referring to is being ok to just be you. Being busy, being laidback, being energetic, being complacent or simply just BEING is perfectly fine.  There is no need to pressure yourself into an unnecessary frenzy just to impress anyone or to fit a false narrative. If you are able to use all of your creativity to create something special in your spare time, then that is awesome! If you decide to use this spare time to connect with your friends and family and rebuild relationships, that is OK. Lastly, if you choose this time to focus on self-reflection and do nothing more than wake up and be present each and everyday, you are already winning at life in my book! See, none of us are perfect. We all have crosses to bear and thorns to trim. In order to be a light in a dark time, we have to put less pressure into "fitting in" to what we think looks good and place more pressure into creating diamonds! Being in tune with yourself, loving yourself and valuing how important you are should be the only obligation you need to fulfill right now. There is this meme floating around saying that if you haven't used this time develop a new skill, start a new business, and blah, blah, blah, that you are lazy, undedicated. Why must we always feel the need to be superheros in every situation? Each person's journey is different and falling into this trap of thinking if you aren't extraordinary than you must be worthless, is a dangerous way to function.  Use this time to BE STILL. Be present. Be whole. Geaux love yourself to the point that the pressure to fit a mold becomes beneath your comprehension. Geaux love yourself to the point that if all you have in this world is yourself, then that is enough. Be at the point where you are so in tuned with your spirit that you understand that you are worthy, you are valuable and you serve a purpose. You are a light!  There is always light in a dark time. There is hope, there is freedom and there is a purpose to the pain. The light is in knowing who are you are. During that journey of growing, that is when you can settle into your purpose. Within your purpose, lies a testimony and a solid story that can give you the ability to be a light to others. Being a listening ear, checking in with friends or simply spreading a positive word can make a huge difference for a person. So spread joy, love and positivity in any way that you can and you'd surprised at how many hearts you can touch.  So even though times may appear to be dark, don't forget that there will always be light in a dark time. We all have a higher power in this world and that power holds the light source and we will all be ok. Geaux glow!


Tiffany Moss Sunday, April 26, 2020 This was very inspiring and empowering! I love it, yes peace is a wonderful thing!

Shronda-owner of "The Queensla Collection" Sunday, April 26, 2020 Thank you so much for reading this blog entry! I am on a mission to promote self love. Self love lets us know that we are ultimately more than enough. Having that self of value eliminates negativity and self deprecating habits and thoughts. This is a big time for us to love ourselves internally.

Yolanda J Sunday, April 26, 2020 I love this message. We need to live ourselves beyond limits. You are right it's ok to be fine with yourself. Outside pressures don't know what you are enduring and we don't owe an explanation.

Shronda, owner of "The Queensla Collection" Sunday, April 26, 2020 Thank you for reading it. My hope is that we can all take this time to learn how powerful we all are. Even during this time, people are tearing down one another instead of uplifting. I have experienced it personally. It is really sad. We have to be strong and not follow people's opinions and judgments. If this time does nothing more for us, I hope we come out of this with a stronger sense of self worth.

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