Geaux For It!

Just yesterday I had an amazing chat with expert motherpreneur mentor, Angela G. Solomon! Angela specializes in working with mothers to become successful entrepreneurs using the unique skills that they acquired with experience. Mothers hold a multitude of amazing skills: CEO, CFO, event planner, organization wizard, chef, transportation officer, accountant, public relations expert, you name it! The key point to our conversation and upcoming podcast episode was the affirmation to just go for it!

A lot of us have become complacent in holding back on our dreams and fulfilling our purpose because of fear, lack of confidence and limited knowledge. Another thing that tends to hold us back is also "Impostor Syndrome." Impostor syndrome, for those that may be unfamiliar, is basically when an individual underestimates their talents, gifts and potential. Or let me make it super clear: When you forget how awesome you truly are!

Each one of us possesses unique and rare qualities. We are all awesome in our own way. However, some of us just simply aren't aware of the gems we truly possess. That being said, it is important to have the right people to mentor and motivate us. There are times where all it takes is a moment of clarity, an extra push or a detailed professional assessment to point out to someone the greatness that lies within them. Right now, we live in an unprecedented time. This has been a true test of the survival of the fittest. We have been placed in a position where our level of mental, and physical endurance can make or break us.

With this new way of living and surviving during a pandemic, some of us have been faced with creating new ways of earning a living. For the regular listeners of my podcast, everyone knows that we discuss the world of entrepreneurship on a regular basis. Following your dreams, creating your own career on your own terms, making a living based on fulfilling your purpose, is a common thread in the Geaux Queen brand that we regularly encourage.

Despite what it may seem like according to the economy, this is one of the best times to start a business or expand on the business you currently have. This time has shown us more than ever that it is best to have a plan A to plan Z. It is imperative to have several streams of income and a variety of avenues to wealth. There is no shame in having a strong desire to live your best life. In order to live the best life you are deserving of, you have to step out on faith. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of risks involved. You don't earn a million dollars overnight. The good news is, however: With hard work, tenacity and consistency, you can achieve the wealth and prosperity you are worthy of under your own terms.

This is an amazing time for small businesses. Black women, in particular are seeing an amazing amount of support in entrepreneurship. From grant money, business loans, more interested consumers, a great playing field has been created for Black women in business in order to grow and succeed. There is always a need for a lot of the talents and gifts that you possess. Sometimes we also are not aware of our own unique abilities. Certain skills that you have a natural gift and flair for, do not come by so easily for others. A lot of the things you are really good at can create business opportunities for you that you can monetize on. Never underestimate the power that lies within the skills you have acquired. Flip the narrative and utilize those techniques and talents you are amazing at and grow your brand and empire!

Let go of your fears and GEAUX FOR IT! If you have an idea you have been sitting on or a strong desire to leave the workforce, what is stopping you? What are the factors that continue to allow you to hesitate in seeking the future you have been dreaming of for so long? Fear is a strong component that unfortunately drives us in a downward direction. With applying self-love in all of your decisions, that energy can reiterate that you are worthy and deserving of seeing your dreams come true. In addition, self-love also builds your confidence to elevate you to the positive thinking you need to possess in order to move forward.

So remember who you truly are! Innovation, creativity, uniqueness, greater and even more lives within you! You can and you will achieve the business and wealth of your dreams. It is a process to maneuver this road. Because of this process you no longer have anymore time to waste! Geaux for it! Seek help from a professional business mentor, schedule time with a life coach, invest in an accountability partner. Whatever it takes to motivate you and lead you on the right path to success, GEAUX FOR IT! The time is now and you have what it takes to achieve greater!

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