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Is it ever too late to follow your dreams? Life hits hard and never goes the way in which we may have planned or envisioned. In those bumps and turns, there are times where it becomes very easy to let go of your dreams and aspirations. One of the greatest challenges we face in life is learning how to navigate the roles we fall into with family and work obligations while also holding on to pieces of our authentic true selves.

There are so many factors that sometimes hold the threat of holding us back and halting our endeavors. Adults face growing pains as well. As women, we hold so many titles. Some of us are mothers, while some may be wives or CEOs. entrepreneurs or simply generational curse cycle breakers. Whatever the case may be, the roles that many of us hold are not easy ones to manage at times. There are instances where our efforts to hold on to our identity can easily get lost in the shuffle of life.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing writer, playwright, producer, Sony Orchard Distributor and more, Teresa B. Teresa started her journey as a child with dreams of performing on stage. Like many women, she experienced many of the swift twists and turns life can tend to change direction in. Motherhood and divorce did not stop Teresa from achieving her goals.

In conclusion, no matter how big or small you think that dream may be, never allow life to intimidate you into thinking it is too late to soar for more in your life. Tune into the interview with Teresa B. and take in the important narrative of her journey of how she didn't allow age, divorce or grief to stop her from pursuing her dreams!

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