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Blog Interview Featuring KeeKonnect/Kewenda McKinnis

How do you value and define genuine connections? As women and also entrepreneurs, building solid friendships and networking is a huge part of both professional and personal success. Linking up with the right circles can have a great impact on your endeavors in an impactful way. We meet people in so many unique ways: via social media, in our day to day activities, in business transactions, the workplace, etc. In these different interactions, we face countless opportunities to build and connect in order to grow with likeminded individuals. Right now, you can simply hit follow, or send a friend request to initiate a connection, but how are we truly seeking value in those interactions.

There are so many times, however, in which we overlook how to make the connections with the people we encounter from day to day valuable ones. Earlier this year, I interviewed Kewenda McKinnis, who is the founder of the KeeKonnect initiative. Kee has created a platform that is devoted to networking and creating valuable connections and relationships. During our conversation, Kee made a number of valuable points regarding forming valuable and profitable connections.

So how can we turn the connections we make into ones in that hold meaningful value? When we look deeper into our connections and seek how to develop actual healthy professional relationships, that is where we find proactive ways to bond and create valuable connections.

Building strong relationships is building mutual trust and respect which can flourish into a valuable connection. These valuable connections grow into recommendations, business partnerships, mentorships and even monetary benefits. Make sure to seek connections that can grow beyond one-sided transactional relationships. It is easy to find people that we seek out for knowledge, but when we aren't reciprocating mutual benefits, we end up draining and using up our resources with no end results.

So how can we foster better business relationships and stronger networking connections? As a continuation of this conversation, check out the chat between myself and Kee:

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