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The Positive Media Platform Developed to Spotlight Self-Love Excellence


“Love who you are. Love what you have to offer to the world. Love your scars, and flaws as much as your perfections and gifts. You’re one of a kind and you serve a purpose. Everything about you from your highs to your lows matter. Take that power and you can run the world…” Shronda Armstrong--Founder of The Geaux Queen Brand and Host of The Q-Chat Podcast

A custom self-love movement that caters to inspiring men and women who are in search for their purpose. Self-love is the key to unlocking the mission and fire that lies within each and every one of us. Self-love is a reminder to never settle and be unapologetic in order to get your rightful seat to the throne of success. Your crown may slip, but don't let it fall! 

Our self-love movement has also introduced The Q-Chat podcast! Our talk show format podcast features unique stories, poignant experiences and beautiful voices that highlights self-love in addition to spotlighting inspiring guest authors, entrepreneurs and entertainers. The Q-Chat podcast is currently streaming on all major platforms, including iHeart Radio, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and the YouTube channel: Geaux Queen TV! 

Thank you for joining the ultimate self-love experience! 

And don't forget to Geaux Love Ya'Self!


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2-22-22 New Orleans, LA--- Interview segment and panel discussion hosted by Shronda Armstrong. Featuring author and consultant, Patrick M. Young, the founder of Operation Restoration Syrita Steib, Attorney Kenn Barnes and business owner Herman Marigny III. 



The Q-Chat Pod Show had the pleasure of participating as the interview host for the launch of Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford's designer ear bands, JRUMZ! In partnership with Tory Burch, this was the perfect event to celebrate HERstory in the 


The Queen Vision Network Podcast---"The Q-Chat" had the honor of being a part of the media team October 10, 2021 covering the Tommy Ford Legacy-A-Thon Awards in Atlanta Buckhead


"Remember, you are the ultimate privilege, the special prize and the full package! You deserve a life filled with purpose, happiness and peace. It is imperative to change your mindset! In order to live a positive life, you have to absorb and emit positivity in exchange. You are bigger, better and mightier than any obstacles that may have stood in your way. The only person that can hold you back from your dreams is the one looking back at you in your reflection." -Shronda Armstrong, excerpt from the "Geaux Love Ya'Self! Daily Crown Jewels 7-Day Motivational"

Our team building community was created to link likeminded members from all over the world to network, learn and grow together! Our exclusive group offers purpose coaching, virtual team builder workshops, virtual Yoga, special monthly guest speakers, entertainment, free merch, one on one mentorship, special entrepreneurial ad packages and more! The Self-Love Community offers the brotherhood and sisterhood you need! Learn more today!


Photos by B & B Photography 504

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"With focused content and a poignant message, I have found the Geaux Queen brand to be a source of motivation and sisterhood. Through my interaction, I've found not only like-minded, but like-spirited individuals committed to change and positivity. Shronda is welcoming, a woman of her word, and a true leader. And, I will echo the sentiment, "Geaux love yourself!" Courtney Mpagi---WBOK

“There are often times when my heart is heavy and my head is cloudy.  Aside from looking for some quiet time, I look for positive affirmations.  I often find myself coming to your Geaux Queen page and Blog because it never disappoints.  Thank you for sowing seeds into so many unknown readers.  Continue to use your gift to help others.” Mia Wallace

"The embodiment of Queen! Shronda Armstrong is her brand... “Geaux Queen.” A strong and tireless advocate for self-love, compassion, community, and equality, Ms. Armstrong's (looking good as she does it!) “Geaux Queen” brand reflects her convictions and her commitment to her intent. Come join us in the Love the “Geaux Queen” brand offers. Cheers" Annette McGee

"Positive message with a purpose. From apparel to podcast, you will be empowered and driven to thrive." Shay Cole, The Creative Chameleon

"I love  the Geaux Queen brand! There is something for everyone. I personally gravitate toward the blogs, but I also love the style of the merchandise. I appreciate the sincerity and uplifting message in every blog post. The Geaux Queen blog is full of gems that you can use in everyday life." Aja, Hey Friend Blog

"Shronda Armstrong is absolutely amazing. She puts her whole heart into everything she does. She truly inspires me to be my best and to Geaux love myself. Shronda truly has a heart  to help the community and to change the world!" Kianna D. Mask Off Crowns On Podcast

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