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Crowned with Pride

Welcome to the Geaux Queen experience! This experience was created with Queens in mind! 

The Geaux Queen(c) Brand represents a movement that caters to what women have to offer to this world: Women are the special privilege, the ultimate prize and the full package! Our movement first began in March 2019 with our top selling GEAUX QUEEN t-shirts. That positive response has grown into the full Queens Arrogance, LLC empowerment movement!

And it doesn't stop here! Our movement has also introduced The Q-Chat podcast! Our podcast features unique stories, poignant experiences and beautiful voices that discuss current topics pertinent to our culture. The Q-Chat podcast is currently streaming on all major platforms, including iHeart Radio, Apple iTunes, Google and Spotify and more!

Thank you for joining the Geaux Queen experience! 

And don't forget to Geaux Love Ya'Self!


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