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Our Community Give Back Initiative

The Geaux Queen Brand is proud to present the Strongarm Women's Project. Our non profit give back initiative is devoted to not only uplifting and empowering women, but also helping women and families in need. As a survivor of domestic, emotional and post-separation abuse, I understand the common hardships sustained for women and children. Families dealing with these hardships deserve compassion, understanding and love. It is my goal, my passion and my purpose to develop this initiative to give back. 

I was in a toxic and destructive relationship for over a decade where I experienced both physical and emotional abuse. In addition, I suffered an extreme case of post-separation abuse. I have dealt with the stigma, the judgment, the isolation, as well as the additional abuse in the judicial system---common in post-separation abuse---as a result of domestic violence. I went through a nasty back and forth custody case that robbed me of my three children for a time period that we will never forget. In an attempt to leave an abusive situation, I was further abused by the system that failed to protect me and my family. I encourage all individuals in abusive relationships to seek help and to make the best decision to stay safe, both physically and mentally. 

The Strongarm Women's Project is important to me because I want to take the pain I experienced as fuel to help other families that experienced similar hurt. Domestic violence is still a taboo subject. Post-separation abuse is something that most law officials and judicial officials are uneducated, uninformed, untrained and unaware of. Many survivors do not receive any help or empathy. Because of the lack of education and resources, many cries for help go unheard and plenty of those in need of help, remain in dangerous environments.


Let's work together to stop the cycle TODAY!


Our initiative currently organizes quarterly projects that service selected community groups. As we grow, we fund our projects via donations and with the help of dedicated volunteers.


Sponsored by The Strongarm Women's Project Foundation (c) incorporated in the State of Louisiana 2020

MYTH 5: Abusive fathers don’t get custody. Abusive parents are more likely to seek sole custody than nonviolent ones… American Psychological Association, Violence And The Family: Report Of The American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force On Violence And The Family, (1996), available at ¾ …and they are successful about 70% of the time. American Judges Foundation, Domestic Violence and the Court House: Understanding the Problem…Knowing the Victim, available at ¾ Allegations of domestic violence have no demonstrated effect on the rate at which fathers are awarded custody of their children, nor do such allegations affect the rate at which fathers are ordered into supervised visitation. (i.e. abusers win unsupervised custody and visitation at the same rate as nonabusers) Kernic, Monary-Ernsdorff, Koepsell & Holt, Children In The Crossfire: Child Custody Determinations Among Couples With A History Of Intimate Partner Violence 11(8) Violence Against Women, 991-1021 (2005).


MYTH 6: Fit mothers don’t lose custody. 4 ¾ Mothers who are victims of DV are often depressed and suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, and as a result, can present poorly in court and to best-interest attorneys and/or custody evaluators. J.M. Golding, Intimate Partner Violence As A Risk Factor For Mental Disorders: A Meta-Analysis, 14 Journal of Family Violence 99-132 (1999); Kernic, Monary-Ernsdorff, Koepsell & Holt, Children In The Crossfire: Child Custody Determinations Among Couples With A History Of Intimate Partner Violence 11(8) Violence Against Women 991-1021 (2005).





Our non profit is brand new and we are still in the process of building, adding board members and creating initiatives as well as seeking out organizations to service. We are open to any help that is offered to us. We are always in need of donations, volunteers, ideas, anything. Please email us anytime: if you would like to learn more about the Geaux Queen sponsored non-profit: The Strongarm Woman's Project

2020 Thanksgiving Drive

We proudly served the New Orleans Family Justice Center with a turkey and meal box donation for 50 families sheltered by the organization.


Continuing our efforts to serve the New Orleans Family Justice Center, via donations, we serviced 75 Easter basket donations for the children of the NOFJC families.

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