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Meet Shronda


Meet Shronda

I've Always Dreamed Big!

I have always looked at things from a unique perspective. I've never believed in fitting in with the crowd and I always struggled because of it. Some of us are comfortable with complacency, but I've always craved more outside of the box. There was a time period in my life where I was wrapped up in following an expected blueprint for my life: Grow up, find a life partner, have children, get an insignificant career to pay the bills, and blah, blah, blah... I had smothered who I really was and put all of my dreams on hold.

Life doesn't always turn out the way we initially envisioned it to be.

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Growing up as an insecure child, my voice was regularly stifled. There were times in my childhood where I felt like I was being put down and overlooked. No one really saw me for who I really was and to make matters worse, I experienced bullying. Fast forward to early adulthood, I didn't have a clear understanding of what a healthy relationship should look like. As a result, I rushed into a toxic, ugly, and abusive relationship that almost ruined my life. 

I Learned to Embrace Self-Love!

For a long time, I wasted precious energy trying to build broken elements that were beneath my spirit and lower than the energy I had to offer the world. As the famous saying goes, "Hurt people hurt people!" I had to learn after far too many trials, that the individuals who hurt me and disrespected me were severely wounded creatures. Those types of people navigate through life broken and unhealed. I learned to unpack my own toxic behaviors, focus on healing and love myself for who I really am. Once I gained that self-love, my confidence and motivation to obtain everything that life has to offer grew to a new level. 

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Unhappiness is a Choice!

My ultimate goal in creating the Geaux Queen brand is to create an empowerment platform for an audience that needs a stage. A lot of us have never had our voices welcomed in a non-judgmental environment. 

You matter!

You are enough!

You are worthy of happiness!

There is not a day that goes by where I don't say my personal affirmation to "Geaux Love Ya'Self!" This is a sincere message that comes from the very bottom of my heart. You're bigger than abuse. You're bigger than depression. You're bigger than familial discord and toxicity. You can rise above anything!

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I Want You to Follow Your Dreams!

In 2019, I hit a significant plateau in my life. I wasn't living in my purpose. I was frustrated with my job and constantly being overlooked and mistreated as the only minority in my department. I was making just enough money to barely make ends meet as the sole support for my three children. I was physically and mentally tired of overworking myself for companies owned by wealthy white men that barely hired people who looked like me. I was tired of draining my energy to build someone else's dreams. I knew I was meant to gain more in my life.

I decided to take a risk to follow my dreams instead. I wanted to create a platform of my own to utilize my talents.  My brand is a reflection of my energy and spirit. Each and every one of us has a special gift and purpose. However, a lot of us are not living our lives to the fullest potential. I love to inspire everyone to not only embrace self-love, but to free themselves from being a prisoner of fear. You deserve to see your dreams come true!

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Let Me Be Your Accountability Partner!

I am dedicated to helping others seek and find their true purpose. I am dedicated to motivating others to build a solid goal list in order to commit to achieving their ultimate dream and purpose. After building that goal list, I am devoted to being an accountability partner to help, motivate, and empower until you reach your ultimate purpose!

I offer purpose coaching. As an accountability partner, I help individuals desperately seeking purpose map out the plan to find their way—-whether that is to follow their dreams, develop better health practices, seek mental clarity, unlearn toxic habits, I’m here to help!

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